Hegemann GmbH, Dredging specializes in a wide range of dredging activities including maintenance dredging, beach nourishment, land reclamation and port development. For decades the Hegemann Group has been proving its competence in coastal protection with maintenance dredging of waterways and beach nourishment.

Our operations are concentrated mainly in the coastal waters of the Baltic and North Seas and the Mediterranean.

Our fleet includes four hopper dredgers, two self-propelled split barges, a backhoe dredger and a barge unloader.   Hegemann GmbH, Dredging also has all the equipment required for the maintenance of reclamation areas including hydraulic excavators, caterpillars, discharge pipeline and a pressure boosting station. This comprehensive range of technical equipment allows us to carry out even complex dredging projects independently.

Intensive technical support and investment in modern technology ensure top performance and reliability of our dredging equipment. Our experienced team of qualified civil engineers and marine surveyors are dedicated to the reliable execution of projects.  In addition to our head office in Bremen, we also maintain branches in Leer and Rostock in Germany, as well as Winschoten in Holland and Stettin in Poland.

Hegemann GmbH - Dredging

Arberger Hafendamm 16
28309 Bremen

+49 421 / 4107 - 0

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